European Dermatology Conference
Oct 1-3, 2018   Frankfurt, Germany

Conference Themes

Dermatology-2018 conference brings you an enormous opportunity to be a part of scientific acceleration to world class personalities, young scholars, scientific delegates and young scientists to unite in this conference to exploit the proficiency furthermore innovation that brings a new era for improvement in the field of dermatology which brings well versed scrutinizers at one place. It provides a platform to have open negotiations, knowledge sharing and interactive session with field experts.

We encourage the contributions related to dermatology and therapy we request youto submit your eminent work in these broad themes.

  • Melanoma And Skin Cancer
  • Paediatric Dermatology
  • Advances in Cosmetology and Dermatology
  • Diabetic Dermopathy, Immunodermapathology
  • Skin and Venereal Disease
  • Nursing in Dermatology
  • Fungal/ viral/ bacterial/ yeast infections
  • Overview of dermitis
  • Androgenetic alopecia
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • Cosmetic Gynaecology
  • Effects of steroids in dermatology
  • New Trends, Market & Case Reports in Dermatology and Aesthetic Therapy
  • Clinical and Experimental Dermatology
  • Neutrophilic dermatology
  • Nanotechnology in Dermatology
  • Genetics of Pigmentary Disorders
  • Side effects of cosmetics
  • Medical devices/ Equipments
  • Epidermoid cyst


For the abstract guidelines and sample template please see:

Dermatology-2018Abstract Submission starts from February 15, 2018. All the abstracts should be submitted through online abstract submission or can be mailed at